iPad - Living room


Easy to operate

DARIN is a simple system, where knowledge in electronics, programming and automation has been disenchanted so, that each User could use it in a pleasant and easy way.


Friendly interface is operated intuitively by means of popular devices like iPad, iPhone, laptop or desktop computer (a device suggested by producer is iPad 2). The Chrome browser is sufficient for controlling roller blinds and lighting.


Definition and configuration of the DARIN system operation schemes are available for each User. Due to creative approach of the Authors of the interface each user customizes his system to the personal needs. Without the need for calling technician, no travel costs, no waiting for a visit.





DARIN System is ideally suited for flat, house, or garden, as well as for an industrial hall, office building, hotel and other objects – whenever it comes to a User convenience and optimization of energy consumption.

Operation quality

The power of the DARIN System is focused in the Central Unit. This is a small computer connected to modules through a bus. The number and type of modules depend on the individual choice of a User. The key component of the system is an interface controller – a laptop or tablet.

Additional, recommended component of the system is an uninterruptible power supplier – UPS, which in case of power failure will sustain operation of the system itself or, in a wider version, will also provide for operation of actuators or switch off a generator.

Access to the control panel is protected with password, and quality of the protection depends on the user care.

Good price



From the very beginning of the DARIN system development we pay attention to final costs borne by a User, and we wish to offer good quality of the product for reasonable price. DARIN wants to become popular and has an ambition to be the commonly used control system. Wherever this automation system could be applied for User convenience and lowering the operation costs – DARIN wants to be there.

User comfort

Access to the DARIN system is always at hand.

It could be controlled by our programmable switches - while passing by, a simple gesture is enough to initiate the preselected Schematic – for example, while leaving home, with one move we can switch off all lights, lower the blinds and arm the alarm.

We may use a computer or tablet, and without even getting up of a couch see who is at the gate and, eventually, let the guest in.

Also, while being away from the DARIN system, one can connect with it by iPhone in order to raise blinds and provide light to plants or pretend someone is at home and deter this way potential thieves.

The program provides also the „restore settings” switch, which, in case the User is unsatisfied and changes his mind concerning introduced modifications, may return to the initial settings introduced with help of a technician. This means that the contact with an Installer will be rare and the technician will have more time for new installations instead of taking care for configuration changes. That way the User is not to be limited with technology barrier and will always adapt his DARIN system to his current needs.

Programmable switches DARIN TB02


Lighting control: bulbs, LEDs and RGB tubes – smooth control, possibility of configuring many arrangements, e.g. romantic evening or reading by breakfast table.

Blinds control: smooth regulation of blinds opening, clever function of „mosquito control” enabling blinds closing while leaving fresh air inlets free.

Watering control: garden watering depending on temperature, day time, humidity measurement – beautiful plants and green lawn at minimum water consumption. The function is also useful on vacations – we do not have to bother a neighbour with watering our plants during our absence. 

Home cinema: with one command we can switch on TV or projector, expand screen, deem lights and light RGB tube in a colour of a team we are cheering in the match of, for example.

Friendly for technicians and designers

There are no kilometres of cables, a bus laid around the object is enough. The Central Unit, being the main component of the system, is a small box to be placed in a chest drawer, or a small foyer cabinet. This gives a convenience of selecting the localisation even in a flat. The bus connected to the Central Unit does not have to be closed into a loop, though we suggest such a solution for assuring the safe bus operation in case of cable failure. Depending on the needs, the bus is connected to modules placed in assembly boxes and further to a blind motor or light circuitry for example, depending on the controlled object. 

When all modules have been connected to the bus, a fully automatic acquisition of the individual device data is performed at a single command from Central Unit, without tedious entering of digital strings from keyboard with a chance for an error. It is enough to verify the number of modules – if the number is not correct, connections to modules have to be checked again and possibly improved and then individual names may be assigned to each module such as „light in kitchen” or „blind in a sleeping room”.

System DARIN


In development: heating control, for which the DARIN system, independent of the heating technology, will optimise software so, as the User could maintain the desired room temperature at the lowest possible costs.

While using our new ideas and modules developed for their implementation, Users may expand their DARIN by adding new components and updating software.

The Department of Research and Development of the Polska Projektowa company, where the DARIN system has been developed, is willing to develop further modules dedicated to the Users’ needs – we are waiting for your suggestions.

You can download our catalogue here in pdf.